🇨🇦 Candy Bar Sampler Pack - Single Servings
Twisted Cookie Dough

🇨🇦 Candy Bar Sampler Pack - Single Servings

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Your top seller Twisted Dough favorites that were the first on the market, made by different textures you may want to try or simply a peanut butter lover! These 5 flavor packs are easy choices for every cookie dough purchase! To find the ingredient labels and macronutrient information please see individual flavors. Comes with a perfect 2 ounce single serving for each of the 5 flavors!

Want to know macros? Simple take the jar you love, find it online and cut the macros in half, find the macros for all of our doughs on the "Nutrition" tab.

Candy Bar Pack- You always grab a candy bar, start your pick here with all the favorite candy bar flavors from butterfinger, caramel nougat(snickers), chocolate peanut butter(Reese's), salted caramel butterscotch, and cookie monster(oreo's)

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