💥 New Recipe - Strawberry Cheesecake
💥 New Recipe - Strawberry Cheesecake
💥 New Recipe - Strawberry Cheesecake
💥 New Recipe - Strawberry Cheesecake
Twisted Foods Cookie Dough

💥 New Recipe - Strawberry Cheesecake

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OUR NEW AND IMPROVED RECIPE WITH DOUBLE THE SERVINGS FOR YOU. Soft, smooth and creamy this year we want to see how your dough? Give us a tag on IG! 

Decadent cheesecake and pie filling meets light and sweet strawberry flavoring with white chocolate chips. Another one of Twisted Cookie Dough's different textures. Weight watchers points: 7

Each tub has about 2 servings per container (8 ounces total)

serving size: 4oz (112 grams) or 8tbs

calories: 211cal

total fat: 8g

saturated fat: 6.87g

trans fat: less than 0.02g

cholesterol:  16.1mg

sodium: 392mg

total carbohydrate: 15.71g

dietary fiber: 3.35g

potassium: 112mg

total sugar: 0.36g

sugar from toppings:  9g

Protein: 21.9g

INGREDIENTS:protein blend (whey protein Isolate, micellar casein), natural Flavors, vanilla, himalayan pink salt, unfiltered molasses, stevia, filtered almonds, palm oil, palm kernel oil, soybean oil, walden farms strawberry, organic strawberry extract, FD&C numer #6, #40. Contains less than 2% of the following: sunflower lecithin, cellulose gum, carrageenan, silicon dioxide, sucralose, vinegar, vitamin a palmitate, soybean lecithin, artificial flavor, beta carotene. Contains: milk, soy, almond. 

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