When can I expect my order?

We make fresh batches every day!!!. If your order is placed Thursday-Sunday, your order will ship the following week so that it doesn't sit in a UPS hub all weekend. We ship on Thursdays ONLY based on weather (not during June-Agugust) and UPS advisement weekly. We ship out Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays typically excluding holidays. We have a 2 day air guarantee with a (2-5 day delay) depending on circumstances. Until UPS gets back to guaranteed shipping please be kind, courteous and patient with us and UPS as we all strive for excellence and making sure you are taken care of! We would not use UPS unless we had the best relationship serving you. We pride in customer care and hope you can see that with us! We also may change this schedule but very unlikely, if anything we are typically ahead. We may rarely send it UPS ground; however, if you order A LOT of dough we may want it in a cooler if weather is not permitting. Saturday delivery available ONLY for a charge by UPS rates. Other Saturday deliveries are based on the town you live in and could be delayed until Monday, please be patient as there are no baking components in the dough and we will always take care of you here at Twisted Dough, your order will arrive at the temperature of where you live. Just place back in the fridge or freezer. Below you will see our SHIPPING SCHEDULE! You will receive a tracking number when your order ships, please check your email, yes that means spam too! For more questions, just email justdoughit@twistedcookiedough.com

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR ORDER* CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE TO READ--IF YOU DO NOT WRITE US, WE CAN NOT FIX ERRORS WITH UPS (please understand we do not handle your transit and we want to ensure you have the BEST experience as UPS does too as we are business partners) Your dough will arrive HOT-- simply inspect and refrigerate to return to consistency(READ FAQ), sometimes it likes to be stirred. We must be notified if your order does not arrive in 7 days to be able to assist with replacement. You must have documentation and unfortunately all shipping carriers have much more damage now since what the world endured, that does not mean your product is not good. We expect you to open the actual product and keep reading below!

Please know that you are ordering a food product! YOU MUST GO READ OUR FAQ OF SHIPPING TIMES AND KEEP UP WITH YOUR ORDER. We LOVE to hear from our customers--and love all questions at our number 870-761-1714

Please open and inspect the product upon receiving- it is up to you to receive and store your product properly. Open meaning--Take off the wax outside and make sure it looks and smells ok! It will arrive the temperature outside. In winter its frozen and in summer hot, it contains ice that dissolves before getting to you only to help with hot temperatures so it is not completely melted before arriving! Now keep reading....

Please check our FAQ for shipping schedule and storage information. Report any issues or concerns with in 24 hours of delivery as we can not return, refund, or insure products from your home after this time.

Please make sure if you have a code is applied as your order can not be changed after checkout.


Order Thursday or Friday, ships Monday with arrival on Wednesday

Order Saturday or Sunday, ships Tuesday with arrival Thursday

Order Monday or Tuesday. ships Wednesday with arrival on Friday

Order Wednesday. Ships Wednesday with arrival on Friday-Tuesday

Order Thursday-5:00pm central time one and will ship out IF your town receives Saturday deliveries


Where do you ship?

Anywhere in the United States! Please do not order product and try to send anywhere yourself as this is a bakery item good that needs to have proper storage. What ever shipping address you put is the address responsible for receiving, if you transfer it anywhere else it will NOT be covered.

 I hit order before I was complete? Can we refund?

Due to the platform we use and its safety feature, we CAN NOT go back and edit payments. This is a safety to YOU as you confirmed you were ok with payment, if we were to edit then that is not your consent. We hope you understand and we will get that referral to the proper athlete by just letting us know! So we ask you SLOW down before you hit order and get it just the way you like. LET'S DOUGH IT! If you need a refund for any reason, you will have to follow our customer service protocol and confirm identity through the phone with our customer service agent. We provide live customer service 24/7 and want to give you the best experience we can and we expect you to answer the phone to provide the best customer feedback. Documentation on all asked is required as well.

Is cookie dough safe at room temp? Mine got delayed??

Yes! It will arrive whatever temperature it is outside, it will arrive warm and that is OK! There are no raw ingredients in cookie dough, so it is safe for around 7 days at room temp on your counter. Typically more but being it goes around the world we can not ensure 100% without a phone call from you with our agents. Eat with in 7 days from shelf or place in fridge or freezer. If using shelf life on counter or longer shipping, freezer is suggested. Simply thaw 1-2 at time in fridge and eat. Fridge- last 30 days(based on different fridge temps) -- Freezer- last 1 year(heats well to thaw or simply place on counter to thaw)

I have an order and it is broken or missing something?

As a small business we want to believe each and everyone of our customers, but in the crazy of the last year we have had some unsettling circumstances that now make us follow a strict protocol. We have a weight on each item in house to verify against what you tell us you have. The scanner of the weight via scanner and UPS will allow us to know if your missing an item in your box. Typically, an error in order is 1 out of 500 as it goes through a 3 check system ALONG with a UPS weight verification and we carry a strict protocol on any damages or missing items. We have a close relationship with our UPS shipper to file any claim to have it replaced. We MUST follow THEIR protocol to ensure your package and you must be willing to abide to have it replaced. We must see a picture of the box, damaged or missing product, and order sheet in your box to file a claim with UPS to make sure we can ship you new product. It will have to be emailed in and claimed through our customer service adjuster in store and via UPS. Remember we also will require a phone call as identification processes.

How do I know it has not been tampered with?

On our baby 2 ounce sampler jars, we have a fresh top seal, it may not always be locked down, this is normal!!!!! Our large 8 ounce jars have a film wax around the edge, again it may come off a big, still means your product is OK! WHY? You have 2 forms of tamper evident being your 1. Your pack that can only be closed once which is done in our warehouse.  2. Your box that can only be closed once. If these two items are closed and your lid is on your package is totally safe to eat and arrived just how it was supposed to. If not, you must have documentation as this is a simple UPS requirement for ANY claim along with customer call to identify yourself. This is to help you and us both.

I just got my dough cream and its liquid, is it ok?

Your dough cream arrives in a liquid form, simply freeze it and when ready to eat thaw in fridge overnight or 1-2 hours on the counter! ENJOY! It will be a more "icy" ice cream texture as skip the stabilizers during production, simply stir up!!!

How long does cookie dough last?

Eat dough with in 7 days on counter(remember typically longer), cookie dough lasts about 30 days in the fridge and 1 year in the freezer. Simply not going to finish, just freeze and heat 10-20 seconds in microwave! 

Do you have a vegan option? Keto?

Does cookie dough contain gluten?

Nope! All flavors, including toppings, are gluten free, it is up to you to read the ingredient label on each cookie dough for you safety. We take pride in making sure each one is provided and again our live customer care is always available from our website!

Can you bake cookie dough?

Warmed in the microwave for about 10 seconds, cookie dough becomes soft and the chocolate melts into gooey perfection. Because it is mostly protein powder, it can become tough if it's heated longer. If you have a recipe for baking cookie dough, tag @twistedcookiedough and we will feature your recipe on our page and on our site!

How else can you eat cookie dough?

Cookie dough makes the perfect topping for oatmeal, rice cakes, strawberries, crepes, Ritz crackers, mug cakes, pretzels, yogurt, milkshake and more. Throw in on a low heat waffle iron or blend it into a milkshake. To see our Cookie Dough Cookbook full of recipes made by our ambassadors, click here!

How do I know the macros are accurate?

Our cookie dough has been tested by NPAL Laboratories for accuracy. If you need more detailed information, just email justdoughit@twistedcookiedough.com

I ordered apparel and dough? When will i get it?

If you ordered both food and apparel, the apparel is custom printed daily and will be 1-4 days shipping delay. We will hold your dough and ship entire order together or simply order separate :)