Can I cancel my order?

Due to the nature of our business, the production schedule, and the items we need to have on hand to create the doughs, we are unable to cancel your order after it has been placed. This includes refunds. Our ordering process is a multi-step process, and designed purposefully to eliminate incorrect, or orders made by mistake. By submitting your order, you are agreeing to these terms, and understand these conditions.

Why do you need my email?

We ask that you include your email address (one that you actually monitor) with your order so we can reach out to you with ANY questions. While you may think you entered your address perfectly, our shipping system may say otherwise. If we run into an issue with your address, product or order in ANY way, we need to be able to get in touch with you quickly to remedy the situation. We ask that you monitor the email address you provided in case of any issues during production and shipment. Failure to monitor or respond to the emails we send asking for response may result in your order being delayed.

My order is damaged/incorrect, etc. - HELP!

We are happy to help with incorrect, damaged or otherwise compromised orders. We are ONLY able to help if you contact us via email at within 24 hours of receipt of your order. If you contact us outside of the 24 hour mark of delivery, any issues are outside of our control and are no longer our responsibility. Please understand that you are ordering a food product, and while we do everything we can to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered, in pristine condition, there are things that happen outside of our control once it leaves our facility, and we expect our customers to cooperate with us in remedying these issues as they come up.

Your package should be sealed all the way around the box w/ branded tape, this seal should not be broken. This is our safety seal. Inside of your package, you may find unpacked UPS envelopes, used for cushioning of the package. These are not sealed when we ship them. Don't fear, your product didn't fall out of them, or get damaged. Should your safety seal (branded tape) outside of the package be broken, damaged, or cut - please contact us within 24 hours of receipt.

Should you believe your package was damaged or tampered with, or, if your order is incorrect in any way, please send us an email with the following:
- Order Number
- Picture of the Box (all sides, inside)
- Picture of the product inside
- Picture of your packing slip
- Phone number and contact name from your order

My order appears wet?

Yourproduct may arrive wet (or appear wet) depending on the temperature of your location. There is no need for concern if this happens. Please open the order and check the contents of the dough to make sure they appear okay. If they do not, please reach out to us via email within 24 hours of receipt.

Why won't my discount code work?

There are a couple of reasons that your discount code wouldn't work, but the most common reason is that a discount is already applied to your order. If an automatic discount (one set by the store) is applied, discount codes cannot be added. Additionally, you cannot "stack" discount codes (meaning, you cannot combine both a free shipping code AND ambassador code to the same order.)

Another reason that you're not able to add your discount code is that it may be an expired or discontinued code. Please double-check that the code you are using is valid, and the conditions of the code are met (for example, if the minimum order is 3 doughs, and you only have 2 in your cart) and make sure you don't have any items in your order that are not included in the discount (if whipped doughs are excluded, you cannot apply a discount code to an order containing whipped doughs.)

I forgot to add my discount code at checkout, can you apply it now?

Once your order has been submitted, we are unable to apply discount codes, and/or refund the difference in the cost. Please make sure to add your discount codes at checkout.

I put the wrong address on my order, can you resend my package?

We are unable to resend the products to you if you put the wrong address, and they've already been shipped. UPS and/or Twisted Dough are unable to refund, reimburse or replace orders that have improper or incorrect addresses for delivery. Please verify your shipment information before submitting your order. Should you notice an error after placing the order, it is your responsibility to contact us AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE so we can attempt to fix the issue before your product ships.

Where do you ship?

We ship within the 48 contigious states. We are currently unable to ship outside of the United States, but are hoping to ship elsewhere soon!

Can you ship to my PO Box?

We are unable to ship to PO Boxes. Please DO NOT include them in your shipping address.

When can I expect my order?

We make fresh batches each week, and begin production immediately after receiving orders. Due to the volume of our orders, as well as the ever-changing nature of the shipping industry, we adjust our timeframe for shipping accordingly. We aim to have your order shipped out within a week of order, and we ship via UPS. We pack our orders in batches, so you will receive an email from us with your tracking number, but your order may not leave the facility for one to two days after you receive your tracking number. You can begin tracking your order as soon as you receive your tracking number, to follow the package to your door. Do not be alarmed if you're not seeing movement for the first couple of days. We aim to keep you in the loop as your order moves through the production to shipping to delivery, so please keep an eye out on your emails for updates from us.

During non-peak times, we aim to stick to this shipping schedule:
- Order Placed Thursday or Friday > Ships Monday w/ Arrival on Wednesday
- Order Placed Saturday or Sunday > Ships Tuesday w/ Arrival on Thursday
- Order Placed Monday or Tuesday > Ships Wednesday w/ Arrival on Friday
- Order Placed Wednesday > Ships Wednesday w/ Arrival Friday - Tuesday
- Order Placed Thursday AFTER 5:00PM CT > will ship same day if your town allows Saturday delivery

Why are there so many envelopes/packs in my box?

Because this is a food product, and is fragile, we make sure to pad your order on all sides when we ship, to avoid damage. Your package will go over several UPS conveyors that weigh more than 2k pounds. Those machines can be rough, so we pad your product with empty UPS padded envelopes or mailers to keep it cozy in transit.

How will my dough arrive?

Your dough will arrive at whatever the temperature outside is. The ice pack inside of your package will have melted by receipt. This is EXPECTED. Please make sure to refrigerate or store your doughs accordingly (in the freezer). They are good at room temp for 7 days, but after that will need refrigeration or freezing. This is YOUR responibility.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We are a fresh, made to order item made right here in US. Every topping, every ingredient, and every batch are handmade and weighed with your macros in mind. The time into getting orders checked in the shop, distributed in the correct shipping zones, hand plated, packaged, lided and sealed takes labor of 3-5 minutes per package. On top of that, we have to pay UPS for their service which is a minimum of $10 per package for large volume customers. Typically a product like ours costs more because the company puts the shipping price into it... we do not want to do that to our consumers or limit what you are able to buy in certain packs or flavors to make that possible. We would rather you choose how you would like it and just pay UPS.

Think of it this way: if I wanted to give you a gift and have it hand delivered multiple states away and have a man drop it right at your door step for only $10 in gas, you would think - WHAT A DEAL!

We are a small business, owned and operated, with zero machines for manufacturing. You can rest easy knowing that we have made every jar with love and made sure we taste test every batch. We want you to love our product as much as we do! So, while shipping may cost a bit more, we know it's worth it, and think you will agree!

Sometimes, vendors (such as large corporate companies) will hurt our shipping costs/abilities/timelines, if you'd like us to hold your order for any reason, please let us know and we'd be happy to do so.

Do you have a vegan option? Keto?

Does cookie dough contain gluten?

Nope! All flavors, including toppings, are gluten free. On occassion, we do offer non-gluten free doughs, which are labeled accordingly.

Are your doughs kosher?

Our doughs are not certified Kosher, and the protein products that we use are not certified Kosher either.

How do I know the macros are accurate?

Our cookie dough has been tested by NPAL Laboratories for accuracy. If you need more detailed information, just email

Is cookie dough safe at room temp?

Yes! There are no raw ingredients in cookie dough, so it is safe for around 7 days at room temp.

How long does cookie dough last?

Cookie dough lasts about 30 days in the fridge and months in the freezer. Our original cookie doughs are able to be stored at room temp, in the refrigerator, or freezer. We do ask that you put your whipped cookie dough into the refrigerator as soon as your receive it.

How can I become an Ambassador?

We're so excited you want to join us as an ambassador! We'd love to welcome to you apply here to become an ambassador. Once we receive your application, we can begin review of your application. Please check your phone number, so we can send you important information via text message. Please know that we welcome ambassadors from all walks of life, but we DO ask that you've tried our products before.

How else can you eat cookie dough?

Cookie dough makes the perfect topping for oatmeal, rice cakes, strawberries, crepes, Ritz crackers, mug cakes, pretzels, yogurt and more. To see our Cookie Dough Cookbook full of recipes made by our ambassadors, click here!

Can you bake cookie dough?

Warmed in the microwave for about 10 seconds, cookie dough becomes soft and the chocolate melts into gooey perfection. Because it is mostly protein powder, it can become tough if it's heated longer. If you have a recipe for baking cookie dough, tag @twistedcookiedough and we will feature your recipe on our page and on our site!

Can you send me free samples?

At this time, we are not able to send free samples of our products.

Do you offer gift cards?

YES! We love the gift of dough! You can order a gift card by clicking here.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We do offer a very generous wholesale price - shoot us an email to to inquire.