Thank you so much for you interest in our Twisted Dough’s Ambassador Program. Are you on Doughmission!? Here at Twisted we are here to provide a tasty treat that is healthy and delicious while helping clients from all walks of life smash goals and believe that food can be medicine even with dessert! Monthly you will see a new flavor, weekly giveaways, and possible new products along with specials and sales! Stay TUNED with us!

We like working with ambassadors for outreach to the community that we may not get to see such as your fun way of creating Twisted Dough by photos, friend’s photos, fun videos, reels, tik toks and more. We want our ambassadors to be a part of Twisted Dough from the flavor creations, to the new products, pop up sales and more! This is our Twisted Tribe where our product is here because of YOU and YOUR support, so we thank you!!!

Here’s how it works:

We send you 3 Twisted Cookie Dough per month based on YOUR REQUEST. You simply message Instagram monthly when ready for your shipment, at this point we will check your requirements and send on over to our warehouse. You must pay a $15 flat rate shipping to receive your 3 dough while promoting us 3-5 times a week on any of your social media platforms or stories plus 1 post per month. We are a small business and in 4 years have not paid for post because what we do believe is paying others for loving and sharing the product personally rather than paying into the marketing world. If you sign up for “Doughmission” or earned commission, you may earn cash and free product monthly! How?? First, this applies only to the 20% commission meeting regulation requirements

Each month you may:

1) ask for your product with shipping cost of $15

2) ask for your free product based on sales

3) ask for your paycheck and you will receive a personal check (NOT STORE CREDIT) for a thank you from us to you!!


HOW EASY! Not store credit but $$ in your pocket—

$150 in sales = your 3 free product and shipping

$200-$300 in sales= your free product plus 5% commission

$300-$500 in sales= your free product plus 6% commission

$500+ in sales= your free product plus 7% commission


****Please place @twistedcookiedough at the top of your Instagram page with your code available to your clients on your Instagram social media. We’re looking for our ambassadors to help us grow organically because YOU love our dough and how it’s helping you in your daily life while educating others along the way to help them get started on health journey or simply enjoying a healthy treat.****


The ambassador gets a 10% code for following under 1k with no free monthly product. Why? Because we want to ensure we are growing our company without people taking advantage of just free and ordering, loving, working hard to share the love for the product that we carry with ability to reach people. Please remember it takes a lot of money to send out and make product as we still do by hand. Don’t worry though, keep working we would love to have you and you can still be on our Doughmission. (2 paragraphs up)

The ambassador gets a 20% discount code for following over 1k for personal use for family/friends on our online at Remember to sign up for Doughmission to earn an easy income for simply loving a product you already support and share. (2 paragraphs up)


We look forward to meeting with you regarding becoming an ambassador with Twisted Dough. Let us get Twisted! Give me a code! Now Message us back on Instagram with your code, shipping address, phone, and email with your favorite 3 things you want to try! Don’t forget that Instagram handle and code in the profile, we will check before launching code!