PB&J Dough Ritz Cracker Bites

PB&J Dough

Ritz Bitz Bites with PB&J Dough

Recipe by Abby Krueger @thebalancedblend

🍪 Ritz Cracker
🍌 Mashed Banana
🍪 PB Choco Cookie Dough
How many crackers does it take to get to the bottom of a cookie dough jar... 😜
Ritz Bitz Bites move on over for healthy snacking 👋🏻
OK since i’m not a cheese and crackers gal.. #lowFODMAP + i am 110% a PB on everything connoisseur, you know ❤️🥜 these are g o l d e n — literally that cracker texture. && as an avid high fiber protein solid nutrient dense cookie dough-maker myself, this brand [gem] find is very WORTH investing in. 
These Baby Bites:
🍪 Ritz Cracker
🍌 Mashed Banana
🍪 PB Choco Cookie Dough .
Stay tuned for more flavor reviews and cookie dough recipes with my new brand find. 💎 .

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