The cleanest ready-to-eat protein cookie dough on the market

Meet the life-of-the-party alternative to protein bars & shakes! No artificial ingredients, at least 22 grams protein per serving, and no added sugar.


No baking required! $5 dollar shipping with minimal of 2 doughs ordered

At least 22 g protein

Flavors have between 22-26 g protein per serving! See all nutrition info here.

Gluten free

All our dough is made gluten free, and all flavors have gluten free toppings.

Vegan & keto

Check out Vegan Cookies, Cream & Peanut Butter and Keto Dough to stay on track.

Macros certified for accuracy

Our customers love Twisted Cookie Dough as a sweet treat that doesn't throw off their macros. All flavors have been tested by N P Analytical Laboratories for accuracy. If you're training for a competition, fighting a gluten allergy, or simply wanting a healthy fun snack, there's a cookie dough flavor you'll love!

Use cookie dough as a topping for:


Rice cakes



Ritz Crackers

Mug cakes



and more!

New flavors for summer!

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Strawberry Cheesecake is back!

Gone for a while, but now it's here to stay! Strawberry cheesecake is one of our most indulgent flavors with a smooth texture and the crunch of white chocolate chips. Decadent cheesecake with 14.8 grams protein per serving makes this our most requested flavor.  

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