The cleanest ready-to-eat protein cookie dough on the market

No artificial ingredients, at least 22 g protein per serving, and no added sugar.


No baking required! Dig in with a spoon for edible cookie dough loaded with protein.

At least 22 g protein

Flavors have between 22-26 g protein per serving! See all nutrition info here.

Gluten free

All our dough is made gluten free, and all flavors have gluten free toppings.

Vegan & keto

Check out Vegan Cookies, Cream & Peanut Butter and Keto Dough to stay on track.

Macros certified for accuracy

All flavors have been tested by N P Analytical Laboratories for accuracy. We created to be a "cheat" dessert while training for bodybuilding competitions, so we know how important it is to be exact. That's why we leave out artificial colors, dyes, preservatives and unnecessary sugar.

Sales + Seasonal Flavors

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Twisted Foods Eatery
& Meal Prep

Twisted Foods is a local, female-owned restaurant providing healthy meal prep, nutrition coaching and grab-and-go meals. The secret recipe for Twisted Cookie Dough was whipped up in this kitchen, and dough is still made here in small batches and shipped nationwide.

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